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Advocacy starts with information. Learn more about how PrEP works, how to get it and more.

Daily oral PrEP works if you take it. That’s the bottom line message about this prevention strategy—currently using tenofovir-based drugs—that’s being introduced in countries and communities worldwide.

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  • The Basics—Get simple, straightforward information about what PrEP is, why it’s clear it works, and how it’s being used.
  • The Data—Delve into the data that show efficacy in men and women at risk via vaginal and/or anal sex, as well as people who inject drugs. Learn more about how research has established that adherence (taking the drug correctly and consistently as prescribed) is essential.
  • Access—Find out about PrEP access—whether you’re seeking answers as a potential user, provider, or advocate—or all of the above!

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See how PrEP is being covered in the news—Read everything from popular media to first-person essays by PrEP users—and more.

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