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  • New York Clinic Outlines How to Improve Uptake of PrEP by Transgender People - Rolling out PrEP right. aidsmap reporter Roger Pebody recently published a careful look at how one New York City clinic brought PrEP to a transgender community. Pebody’s story documents the steps taken by the Callen-Lourde Community Health Center to navigate the fault lines of a marginalized people and deliver a potent tool for HIV prevention.
  • Nationwide PrEP Search Engine Debuts at US Conference on AIDS - Emory University and partners have developed a new web-based directory of PrEP providers across the US. The search engine can be used to help people find physicians or clinics in their area that will prescribe TDF/FTC as oral PrEP.

August 2016

  • PrEP Introduction for Adolescent Girls and Young Women - In a commentary in Lancet HIV, authors Mathur, Pilgrim and Pulerwitz from the Population Council propose a framework that outlines the range of factors and actors to consider when designing PrEP introduction strategies for adolescent girls and young women.
  • HIV Prevention Drug Truvada Won't Be Subsidised in Australia - A major Australian newspaper reports that the nation's drug funding panel has ruled PrEP will not be funded by taxpayers in Australia this year, The department of health announced that the price set by the drug's sponsor, Gilead Sciences, was too high.
  • NHS Can Fund 'Game-changing' PrEP HIV Drug, Court Says - AIDS campaigners are celebrating a victory after a court ruled that NHS England can pay for “game-changer” drugs that prevent people being infected with HIV by their partners.

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  • University of California Launches First in the Nation PrEP Demo Project in Transgender People - The California HIV/AIDS Research Program (CHRP) of the University of California announced that it has awarded grants to provide and evaluate PrEP among transgender people at risk for HIV acquisition in California. This is the first PrEP demonstration project in the US to focus exclusively on transgender people.
  • NHS To Reconsider Its Decision Not To Provide The HIV Prevention Drug - The NHS in England is to reconsider its controversial decision not to provide Truvada for HIV prevention.
  • PrEP Pricing Problems - James Krellenstein and Jeremiah Johnson write in the April issue of TAGline about the high cost of PrEP as a deterrent to increased uptake. They discuss problems with Gilead’s medical and co-pay assistance program (MAP/CAP), the company’s reluctance to prioritize PrEP and how Gilead is “profiting from its PrEP monopoly”. The article ends with recommendations for Gilead which include increasing CAP contribution and aggressively promoting CAP and MAP.
  • Gilead Statement on the Approval of PrEP in Peru - The Peru Ministry of Health has approved the use of fixed-dose combination of tenofovir disoproxyl fumarate and emtricitabine for PrEP.

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  • Dramatic Increase in Preexposure Prophylaxis Use Among MSM in Washington State - Using data from an annual survey conducted at the Seattle Pride Parade (2009-2015), authors of an article published in AIDS found that PrEP awareness and use among MSM in Seattle, Washington was high in 2015. In 2012 to 2015, among high-risk MSM, PrEP awareness increased from 13 percent to 86 percent and PrEP use increased from 5 percent to 31 percent.
  • Approval of Truvada a Game Changer in Anti-HIV/AIDS Effort - Wanjiru Mukoma of LVCT Health applauds the recent approval of Truvada by Kenya and stresses that developing guidelines, fighting stigma and collaborating with stakeholders is key to an efficient integration of PrEP in health services.

December 2015

  • When Can We Expect PrEP 2.0? - Benjamin Ryan of POZ discusses what's in the PrEP pipeline, looking forward to long-acting injectables and drugs less toxic than Truvada.
  • Why Don't Women Know About This Lifesaving Drug? - 1 in 4 people living with HIV in the United States are women. Naveen Kumar of Refinery29 discusses why more women aren’t talking about PrEP—despite the fact that it's been FDA-approved since 2012—and the potential PrEP has to improve women’s health.

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  • Millions More Need HIV Treatment, WHO Says - The World Health Organization issued sweeping new guidelines on Wednesday that could put millions more people on HIV drugs than are now getting them. The recommendations could go a long way toward halting the epidemic, health officials say, but would cost untold billions of dollars not yet committed.
  • ITM Launches Study on a Preventative Drug for HIV - The Institute for Tropical Medicine (ITM) in Antwerp has launched the Be-PrEP-ared study, the first Flemish research project on the applicability of preventative HIV medication. The researchers hope that the study, which focuses on gay men, can help to reduce the high number of new HIV infections among the target group.

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