PrEP Resources

Recommended Resources For Learning More About PrEP

For a more extensive list of PrEP materials, visit AVAC's Resource Database and Infographics Gallery.

PrEP: General information on using PrEP from Project Inform on Vimeo.

Other Websites

  • My PrEP Experience – Includes first-person stories from PrEP users
  • PrEP Facts – Includes basic information and population-specific graphics, brochures and flyers to download
  • Please PrEP Me – The California PrEP provider directory as well a number of useful resources
  • US CDC PrEP page – Includes US Public Health Service clinical practice guidelines, providers’ supplement and more
  • What is PrEP – Includes an animated video to get information about PrEP and see an illustration of how it can work inside the body to prevent HIV infection
  • World Health Organization PrEP page – Includes links to guidelines, recommendations and technical updates
  • HIVE: PleasePrepMe – HIVE’s PrEP implementation page includes a number of short video interviews on PrEP use in different populations, access, knowledge, how to talk about risk and more
  • PrEP 101 - An educational video series on PrEP
  • #PrEPinTheWild - If you are an HIV-negative person taking PrEP on your own, without a prescription, or in a country where PrEP has not yet been approved consider taking the #PrEPinTheWild survey

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