Demand for PrEP is growing. Share your experience and learn from others’ work on comprehensive prevention.

Since late-2010, when the first data showed that PrEP is an effective HIV prevention intervention, PrEP’s implementation has been piecemeal and incomplete. The pace and demand are picking up in the United States. A great deal of this success can be credited to an ever-growing advocacy movement with community leaders who called for PrEP access for all people at risk even before it was FDA approved and the CDC had issued broad guidance on its use. This movement continues today in the US advocates look to speed access to more people, especially those at greatest risk.

Outside of the US, even as funders and governments have been slow to define and implement PrEP pilots and demonstration projects, individuals living with HIV and HIV-negative people living in contexts and communities where they feel their prevention needs are unmet, have begun to demand PrEP. They have initiated a dynamic dialogue about the right to this life-saving strategy. The discussion is part of a wide-ranging conversation about the right to sex without fear or judgment and about ways that HIV-positive and HIV-negative people can share agency and responsibility as they negotiate their respective options for using ARVs for prevention.

PrEP has become a cause and a rallying cry, but it is not yet a reality for everyone who needs or wants it. Advocacy at the international, national and local levels are essential to realizing this reality.

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