• Research/Demonstration Projects: Implementation research is planned to examine how PrEP is being used and if there is any impact on sexual behaviour or HIV risk. Advocates at NorwayHIV say current planning for the study includes enrolloment of 500 people by the end of 2017.
  • Drug Registration: PrEP is licensed by the Norwegian Medicines Agency, which is responsible for setting maximum prices on prescription-only-medicines. The agency also determines if a medicine should be reimbursed by the National Insurance Scheme.
  • Policy/Regulatory: In October 2016, full reimbursement for PrEP became available under the National Insurance Scheme. PrEP has the same legal status as HIV treatment and PEP. It is available from family doctors, infectious disease clinics and Olafia, a sexual health research center and clinic in Oslo (Facebook link in English, clinic link in Norwegian).
  • Advocacy: The campaign for PrEP access was started by HivNorway and received support from many LGBTQI NGOs and infectious disease clinics.

Last updated on September 1, 2017.

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