Policies and Programs

Daily oral PrEP has a role in comprehensive HIV prevention—country-level policies and strategies can make it a reality.

Most countries adopting PrEP for HIV prevention will develop national policies and/or guidelines to ensure that PrEP is incorporated into their comprehensive prevention strategies.

They will also create strategies and operational plans for implementing these policies. And as PrEP rolls out, programs will develop a range of tools to guide monitoring, evaluation and improvement of service delivery.

In many cases, these documents are developed after global guidance from the World Health Organization and/or UNAIDS.

Explore this section to learn about:

  • Access Basics—Visit here for a description of a few different types of documents and samples from different countries such as prescriber guidelines, national strategic plans and national PrEP-specific guidelines and policies.
  • PrEP Access Roadmap—Learn more about accessing PrEP in your country and/or community.
  • Global Guidance—Global guidance helps set expectations, define priorities and can pave the way for national action.
  • Guidelines & Tools—Practical resources for implementation.
  • United States Local Programs—A number of local agencies and organizations in the US have programs to provide PrEP access.

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