Dapivirine Ring: Using a Common Agenda to Plan for Introduction

Purpose of the Common Agenda

The Common Agenda serves as a shared guide for stakeholders working on a wide array of activities required for the introduction of the dapivirine vaginal ring. It will keep stakeholders informed and engaged in a coordinated, efficient and transparent planning process for introduction and scale-up. The Common Agenda will also streamline and accelerate collective efforts.

The OPTIONS Consortium developed this common agenda in collaboration with the International Partnership for Microbicides (IPM). With the Common Agenda, OPTIONS, IPM and USAID/PEPFAR seek to engage and support coordination between partners at the global and national levels in the planning and introduction process for the dapivirine ring.

Ring Introduction Process: Where we are today

graphic showing stages of development and introduction for the dapivirine ring

Common Agenda for Ring Introduction

graphic detailing common agenda components — available in text form below

Common Agenda Details

1. Regulatory Approval
2. Clinical & Policy Guidelines
3. Advocacy for the Ring
4. Implementation Studies
5. Donor Support
6. Market Research
7. Demand Creation
8. Supply Chain
9. Provider Engagement and Training

If you would like to contribute to Common Agenda planning, reach out to us.