In Practice

In this section learn more about who is rolling out PrEP, how they are doing it and who is funding it. This includes an overview of international implementation initiatives, early learnings from rollout, details on global use via AVAC’s PrEP Tracker and 60+ country snapshots.

  • Implementation Initiatives and Partners

    Who is rolling out PrEP now; how are they doing it; and who is funding it?

  • Lessons from the Field

    As oral PrEP rolls out in Eastern and Southern Africa, implementers are facing and overcoming real-world obstacles. Lessons from the Field brings you these stories. Come here to learn from others, sharpen insights and find useful resources.

  • Global PrEP Tracker

    For insights on the full scope of PrEP use around the world, AVAC’s PrEP tracker offers quarterly updates on programs delivering oral PrEP, planned, current and completed.