Demand Creation for PrEP

The OPTIONS Consortium—a USAID-funded initiative to expedite and sustain access to antiretroviral-based HIV prevention products—has developed Demand Creation for PrEP, a five-part series of videos to share key lessons learned.

Following the development and launch of the PrEP Communications Accelerator and the Insight to Impact AIDS 2018 Pre-Conference, the videos discuss evidence-based and multidisciplinary approaches to demand creation for public health products and services, with a specific focus on driving demand for the category of PrEP.

What is Demand Creation?

This introduction to demand creation details how it can be used as a tool for HIV prevention with a focus on driving demand for PrEP. It covers what constitutes effective demand creation, who can use it and how it can address barriers to behavior change in contextually relevant ways.

Your First Step: Audience Insights

Insights reveal the contexts behind behaviors and shine a light on what drives people. In this video, the process of insight generation is the main focus, providing information on what a communications insight is, how it can be distilled, utilized and applied to HIV prevention.

How To Create a Campaign Strategy

Impactful communication programs are grounded in robust strategies. This video defines what a strong communication strategy is, how it is developed, how it informs the development of impactful, audience-relevant tactics and its application in HIV prevention communication programs.

How to Choose Media Channels For Impact

How does the application of different channel types contribute to the success of HIV programs? This video answers the question by providing detail on how to develop a media mix for HIV prevention programs, and on channel selection based on objectives.

How to Track Impact For Long-Term Success

In this video, we look at the need and benefits of monitoring, and outline the impact of informed iteration, along with the application of monitoring and evaluation in HIV prevention communication programs.

These videos complement the key principles covered in the PrEP Communications Accelerator, a digital platform developed by OPTIONS to support program implementers, healthcare practitioners, governments and organizations in their implementation of demand creations approaches for PrEP.

The OPTIONS Consortium is a USAID-funded initiative to expedite and sustain access to antiretroviral-based HIV prevention products. For more about the consortium, visit here.