OPTIONS Releases New Demand Creation Video Series

The OPTIONS Consortium has created a new five-part video series, Demand Creation for PrEP, focused on demand creation for HIV prevention behaviors drawn from the OPTIONS led 2018 AIDS Pre-Conference event, Insight to Impact. Insight to Impact convened demand creation experts from across public and private sectors for a full day event focused on how demand creation principles and approaches can accelerate uptake and sustain utilization of HIV prevention methods.

The videos capture key lessons learned from Insight to Impact and discuss evidence-based, multidisciplinary approaches to demand creation for public health products and services, with a specific focus on driving demand for the category of PrEP. Topics include:

  • What is Demand Creation?
  • Insight Generation
  • Communication Strategy and Tactics
  • Media Mix
  • Monitoring and Iteration

These videos complement the key principles covered in the PrEP Communications Accelerator, a digital platform developed by OPTIONS to support program implementers, healthcare practitioners, governments and organizations in their implementation of demand creations approaches for PrEP.

To watch the videos, visit www.prepwatch.org/insight2impact/videos.

The OPTIONS Consortium is a USAID-funded initiative to expedite and sustain access to antiretroviral-based HIV prevention products. For more about the consortium, visit here.