OPTIONS Plan 4 PrEP Tool Offers Countries Support for Rollout

The OPTIONS Consortium, with work led by FSG, recently created the Plan 4 PrEP tool to support national planning for oral PrEP rollout. The tool was developed based on experiences in South Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe, where OPTIONS supported the Ministries of Health and technical working groups (TWGs) in each country to develop a strategy for oral PrEP introduction. For example, Kenya recently launched oral PrEP at a national level utilized these tools in supporting the planning.

The Plan 4 PrEP tool includes four steps. Implementers may use all four steps to guide the entire planning process or use only specific parts. Either way, this tool helps answer the tough questions that must be considered when preparing for oral PrEP introduction. The tool is particularly useful for policy makers, TWGs or others planning for oral PrEP introduction at the national or sub-national level. In addition, it’s a useful tool for implementing partners and advocates pursuing oral PrEP rollout.

Click here for an overview of the toolkit. A brief description of the four steps that comprise the planning process and links to the relevant tools are included below.

1. Situation Analysis: Understand what you are starting with as you prepare to offer oral PrEP.

In this step, identify existing assets, current gaps, challenges, stakeholders and key questions for oral PrEP rollout along the value chain. This is a good foundation for a comprehensive planning process.

2. Project Landscape: Assess findings and gaps in PrEP studies and implementation projects.

In this step, survey current and planned studies and implementation projects. These studies provide insights about how to successfully deliver PrEP to the populations who need it, but they are often uncoordinated. This provides a high-level overview of what is – and is not – being addressed in existing efforts on oral PrEP.

3. Rollout Scenarios: Decide where and how to roll out oral PrEP.

In this step, define scenarios for oral PrEP rollout in different counties/districts or to different populations. This simple analysis, based on existing data, can provide quick cost and impact comparisons to guide decision-making.

4. Readiness Assessment: Assess readiness for oral PrEP rollout.

In this step, assess readiness at the sub-national level to introduce and scale oral PrEP and inform planning for necessary investment.

If you would like guidance or instruction about how to use the Plan 4 PrEP tool, please contact us.