Monitoring & Evaluation Materials

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ICAP Daily Oral PrEP M&E Package

The daily oral PrEP M&E package was developed by ICAP at Columbia University to support the implementation and assessment of PrEP. As the use of PrEP is an evolving area, it is expected that these documents will require updating over time as new information regarding PrEP arises and implementation experiences accumulate.

1. PrEP Screening for Substantial Risk and Eligibility
This tool documents the process for determining eligibility for PrEP among patients interested in starting PrEP, and documents referrals to appropriate services including PrEP.

2. PrEP Facility Record
This tool serves as a PrEP patient medical record to be maintained at the health facility providing PrEP.

3. PrEP Patient Register
This tool provides a summary of key longitudinal information for each patient from the PrEP Facility Record.

4. PrEP Monthly Summary Form
This tool provides a template for routine monthly aggregate reporting on PrEP services for facilities. Aggregate numbers can be calculated from information recorded on the PrEP Patient Register.

5. PrEP Quarterly Cohort Report
This tool includes a worksheet and summary reporting template for calculating and reporting PrEP patient outcomes, such as retention and follow-up HIV testing.

Please visit the ICAP website here for translated and editable documents.

M&E Materials from Implementation Projects

Here you will find monitoring & evaluation materials from daily oral PrEP implementation projects.

WHO Module on Monitoring and Evaluation

This module is for people responsible for monitoring PrEP programmes at the national and site levels. It provides information on how to monitor PrEP for safety and effectiveness, suggesting core and additional indicators for site-level, national and global reporting.

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