Global Action

Change depends on national level action but can be catalyzed by global coalitions.

Today, global access to PrEP is uneven. Individuals in the United States are able to seek the strategy from their providers and there are systems in place to cover the costs for those who cannot afford it. Yet in sub-Saharan Africa and for key populations including gay men and other men who have sex with men, and women, there is open debate about whether PrEP is feasible or should be adopted.

Advocates and activists are working across borders to amplify demand for PrEP as an additional prevention option, and are developing joint positions to share with international funders, implementers and normative agencies.

Watch this space for sign-on statements, letters and other forms of global action. If you’d like to share a campaign or gain support for your own work, please contact PrEPWatch.

In addition, there is an active online community for learning more about PrEP, discussing advocacy and connecting individuals to resources. If you would like to join, reach out.

And click on the links below for a peek into the recent PrEP advocacy conversation.

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