Implementation Resources

Programs already have experience implementing and supporting oral PrEP scale up. Below you will find selected resources from major players in rollout so far.

Risk Assessment Tools and the Identification of Individuals at High-Risk of HIV infection in the Delivery of Oral PrEP

The HIV Prevention Market Manager (PMM) Project undertook a review of risk assessment and screening tools currently being used by oral PrEP programs. This document provides analysis and recommendation for the field.

Click here to see a list of publically available risk assessment and screening tools.

Tools and Resources from the Microbicide Product Introduction Initiative (MPii)

These materials range from literature reviews and analyses on ARV-based products, to country-specific situational analyses and oral PrEP rollout scenarios, to research presented at major conferences.

Tools from Oral PrEP Demonstration Projects

This page provides tools that are sourced from a variety of projects which differ in geographic and population foci. Tool types include IEC materials, questionnaires and surveys, clinical drug forms, and more.

Help Desk

Need answers? The PrEPWatch Help Desk provides support for all your questions related to PrEP implementation and planning.

Implementation Tool for PrEP of HIV Infection - WHO

WHO has developed this series of modules to support the implementation of PrEP among a range of populations in different settings. This toolkit contains resources for clinicians, community educators, regulatory officials, site staff, and more.

Planning 4 National PrEP Rollout - OPTIONS

This toolkit supports national planning for oral PrEP rollout, and provides a framework to complete a situation analysis, a project landscape, rollout scenarios, and facility readiness assessments.

End User Research Mapping - Prevention Market Manager

The HIV Prevention Market Manager (PMM) Project has assembled a mapping of ongoing and planned end user research with adolescent girls and young women. Click here for the resource.

A Framework for Scaling up PrEP - PrEPWatch

This framework outlines the steps to introduce oral PrEP, from creating the right policies, to establishing a reliable supply chain, to developing marketing and communications materials, to measuring program quality and more.

Oral PrEP Training Kit for Clinicians – ICAP

The Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Training Kit was designed to enable clinical providers to attain the skills required to provide PrEP to appropriate candidates in an effective and safe manner. The training materials serve as a foundation and may need to be adapted to specific contexts.

Demo and Implementation Studies Table

A summary of ongoing and planned PrEP evaluation studies worldwide.

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