Key Resources

Infographics and resources on PrEP research, uptake and regulatory status.

Track Global PrEP Use
For insights on the full scope of PrEP use around the world, AVAC’s database of programs delivering oral PrEP, planned, current and completed, offers detailed information, updated quarterly.

global PrEP tracker

Demo and Implementation Studies Table
A summary of ongoing and planned PrEP evaluation studies worldwide.

Regulatory Status of TDF/FTC for PrEP
A summary of countries that have registered TDF/FTC for prevention.

A Global Look at PrEP Introduction
This infographic summarizes the number of PrEP users, demonstration projects and national guidelines worldwide.

PrEP Implementation Tools from Demonstration Projects
Educational and marketing materials, risk assessment tools, user questionnaires, standard operating procedures and more.

Breaking the Cycle of Heterosexual Transmission
An infographic explaining where PrEP, VMMC, ART and other biomedical tools fit in the cycle of heterosexual transmission.

News Spotlight

  • A Daily Pill Can Prevent HIV Infections. Why Don’t More People Use It?

    March 9, 2018

    There’s no question that a simple regimen of a single daily pill can slash HIV infections in people at risk. But although millions of people around the world could benefit, only 200,000 are prescribed PrEP, and 75 percent of them are in the United States. The disparity was the focus of anguished discussions this week at the largest annual US HIV/AIDS conference.

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  • Mapping PrEP: First ever data on PrEP users across the US

    March 6, 2018

    The Center for AIDS Research at Emory University's Rollins School of Public Health produces interactive online maps with visualized data on different aspects of the US HIV epidemic, and its prevention and treatment response, at This set of maps and statistics focuses on PrEP use nationally and by state from 2012-2016.

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