PrEPWatch Redesign!

First launched in 2006, the look of PrEPWatch has evolved several times, but its mission has not. PrEPWatch continues to be a clearinghouse for information on PrEP research, data, cost, access and advocacy across the globe.

As the PrEP field evolves, so does PrEPWatch. The recent redesign focused on simplifying the site to make it easier to find what you want. The individual Country Update pages have been reimagined and reorganized. And there’s now a searchable resource database where you'll find resources including step-by-step guidance for initiating PrEP programs, summaries of the research to date on safety, efficacy and implementation, tools to assist in rollout, and much more.

The site remains a work in progress as we kick the tires of the new site. We're continuing to refine it and add materials to the resource database. We welcome your feedback and if our database is missing an essential resource, please let us know!