A User’s Guide to PrEP Tools

By: AVAC’s Product Introduction Team (Emily Donaldson, Laura Fitch, Jessica Rodrigues)

Since PrEP was first rolled out around the world following FDA approval in 2012, a variety of tools have been developed by many organizations working on HIV prevention.

These tools assist policy makers, implementers, providers and others to provide access and support uptake and the continued use of PrEP by those in need. You may wonder which tools are best suited for the work you are doing. AVAC outlines below the different tools, who they are for, and when to use them.

You’re rolling out PrEP in your country, what do you do?

Materials What is it? Who is it for? When to use it?
OPTIONS Plan 4 PrEP Toolkit • The Plan 4 PrEP toolkit supports planning at the national level for the rollout of oral PrEP
• Informed by experiences in PrEP rollout from South Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe
• Developed by OPTIONS
• Implementers
• Policy makers
• Technical working groups
• Advocates
To guide implementers through the planning process:
• Situation analysis –
to understand existing assets, gaps, challenges, stakeholders and questions for rollout
• Project landscape —
to look at findings and gaps in PrEP studies and projects
• Rollout scenarios —
to inform decisions on where and how to roll out PrEP to different populations
• District readiness assessment —
use this to evaluate sub-national readiness for oral PrEP
WHO Training Materials • A series of modules to support the implementation of PrEP for specific populations and settings
• Developed by WHO
• Implementers
• Advocates
• Providers
• Regulation officials
• Counselors
• After you’ve successfully planned for rollout with the OPTIONS Plan 4 PrEP toolkit
• When you need specific materials for each stakeholder group
PrEP Communications Accelerator • An interactive platform for building population-specific campaigns for PrEP
• The Accelerator offers tested guidance throughout the lifecycle of a PrEP communications campaign
• Developed by OPTIONS
• Implementers • You’re implementing PrEP now
• You need to develop a communications strategy to motivate PrEP uptake across audiences
PrEPWatch Help Desk • Support for all your questions related to PrEP implementation
• Guidance on how to use the Plan 4 PrEP tool
• Developed by AVAC & OPTIONS
• Anyone who works on PrEP implementation! • For all your PrEP implementation needs
• Submit your question and a member of the PrEPWatch team will be in touch

You’re a clinician, what do you need to know to provide PrEP?

Materials What is it? Who is it for? When to use it?
WHO/Jhpiego Training Course: Clinicians’ eLearning Course for oral PrEP • This online course features counseling strategies for PrEP initiation
• Aligned with WHO recommendations for oral PrEP services
• Developed by WHO, PAHO and Jhpiego
• Clinicians • When training to offer PrEP
• Includes a creatinine clearance calculator
WHO/Jhpiego App • An app based on the WHO training materials
• Offers guidance on PrEP implementation based on currently available evidence and the experiences of clinicians, counselors, pharmacists and PrEP users
• Developed by Jhpiego and WHO
• Clinicians
• Pharmacists
• For quick information in the field
• Includes a clinical calculator to estimate creatinine clearance
OPTIONS Provider Training Package: Effective oral PrEP Delivery for AGYW • A library of training slides for healthcare providers offering services for adolescent girls and young women (AGYW)
• Developed by OPTIONS
• All types of healthcare providers offering PrEP to AGYW • When training materials for all cadres of healthcare providers offering PrEP to AGYW
• The slides are adaptable depending on the type of healthcare worker
ICAP Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Package • The Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Package supports clinical providers with the implementation of PrEP
• Developed by ICAP at Columbia University
• Clinicians • When training clinical providers offering PrEP
PrEP Training Curriculum in Southern Africa • A template for provider trainings
• Developed by the Southern African HIV Clinicians Society, in partnership with Wits RHI, ANOVA and OPTIONS with contributions from Gilead
• Clinical providers, specific to South Africa
• Can be adapted to other settings
• Include in-depth modules for:
- Men who have sex with men
- Sex workers
- Adolescents & young people
- Serodiscordant couples
- Prisoners
- Drug users
• When training clinical providers offering PrEP to different populations in South Africa or as a basis for developing similar trainings in other countries