• Research and Demonstration Projects: There are several ongoing demonstration projects in Australia—VicPrEP in MSM, transgender women, heterosexual serodiscordant couples and people who received N-PEP on more than two occasions; PRELUDE in men and women at high and ongoing risk of HIV; and EPIC-NSW enrolling high-risk, mostly gay and bisexual men in New South Wales. A fourth demonstration project, PrEPX, will start later this year. In November 2016, the South Australian government announced that it would begin a PrEP project to help enable PrEP access in the state. A proposal for a project in Western Australia is under consideration with a decision expected soon.
  • Drug Registration: The Therapeutic Goods Administration has approved daily oral Truvada for HIV prevention.
  • Policy/Regulatory: There is no national policy or guidance at present. Following Therapeutic Goods Administration review, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme also needs to consider Truvada for PrEP for cost subsidization.
  • Advocacy: PrEP’D for Change and #ComePrEPd are working to increase awareness of PrEP in Australia. If you’re an Australian advocate working on PrEP, building a campaign or seeking to share insights and experience, please send info here and PrEPWatch will post it.

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