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PrEP delivery can be challenging. Be sure you have what you need, including well-trained providers and informed end users. To succeed in this step, you will need to gather information and produce materials that educate key stakeholder groups.

Test-And-Prevent Analysis: Key findings

Strong ‘test and treat’ programs exist globally. What about those who test HIV negative? The OPTIONS Consortium’s Test-And-Prevent Analysis identifies effective practices for linking individuals from HIV testing to HIV prevention, the enabling conditions, and remaining questions. To read the full report, click here.

Health Care Provider Training for New HIV Prevention Products

This presentation supports the development of training curricula for new biomedical HIV prevention products. It shares findings from provider trainings in Kenya, South Africa, and Zimbabwe developed for introduction of the dapivirine vaginal ring (PrEP ring) in 2020-2021.

OPTIONS General Knowledge, Attitudes & Practice Quantitative Survey Template

A template for a quantitative survey to collect knowledge, attitudes and practiced behaviors around oral PrEP from health care providers.

Informed Choice in Provider Counseling on SRH for Women Interested in PrEP

Guidance for Providing Informed-choice Counseling on Sexual Health for Women Interested in Pre-exposure Prophylaxis–FHI 360, Impact Research and Development Organization, Setshaba Research Centre (2015)

HIV Prevention Ambassador Training Package and Toolkit

The HIV Prevention Ambassador Training Package and Toolkit is designed for community-based organizations and other groups to train HIV Prevention Ambassadors with the goal of promoting the meaningful engagement of communities and potential and current PrEP users in the rollout of oral PrEP for HIV prevention.

Facility Readiness Assessment

This Facility Readiness Assessment can be used to assess the readiness of healthcare facilities to deliver oral PrEP and identify areas that may require additional investment.

Oral PrEP Risk Assessment Tools at a Glance

An analysis of risk assessment tools: explores how risk assessment tools are used, how well they identify those at risk for HIV acquisition and how best implementers can use these assessments in oral PrEP delivery. Click here for the full analysis.