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PrEP delivery can be challenging. Be sure you have what you need, including well-trained providers and informed end users. To succeed in this step, you will need to gather information and produce materials that educate key stakeholder groups.

Provider Training

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  • ICAP’s PrEP Package for Providers: PrEParing for Choice is designed to capacitate health care teams with the knowledge and skills to counsel clients about PrEP and PrEP options, including oral PrEP, the DVR, and CAB for PrEP, conduct effective PrEP initiation visits, and monitor and support ongoing PrEP use
  • MOSAIC’s Global Acute HIV Infection Algorithm Job Aids for Providers assists providers in ruling out HIV infection by offering guidance through HIV testing, HIV recent exposure assessment, and acute HIV infection assessment, including ruling out HIV acquisition for new or returning clients using PrEP
  • PROMISE’s Health Care Provider Training for New HIV Prevention Products supports the development of training curricula for new biomedical HIV prevention products
  • The PrEP for Pregnant and Breastfeeding People (PBFP) toolkit supports providers who care for PBFP, such as those delivering antenatal and postnatal services, to provide PrEP
  • This toolkit was developed to facilitate integration of PrEP into Family Planning (FP) services by giving FP providers practical guidance on PrEP eligibility assessment, key informed choice counselling messages about PrEP, and initiation of PrEP for clients who are eligible and want to use it
Cabotegravir (CAB) for PrEP
  • The RISE CAB-LA Training Toolkit builds provider knowledge of CAB for PrEP and covers clinical information and eligibility, administration, ongoing clinical management, and counselling
Dapivirine Vaginal Ring (DVR)
Oral PrEP
  • This modifiable training slide deck, also available in French, covers both daily oral and event-driven PrEP, can be implemented virtually or in-person without the use of training manuals- making it easy to update as new guidance is released and lessons are learned
  • WHO/Jhpiego’s Oral PrEP eLearning Resource Package introduces health care providers to oral PrEP, and includes eLearning courses for clinicians with an accompanying Oral PrEP Implementation Tool App
  • This quantitative survey can be used to collect knowledge, attitudes and practiced behaviors around oral PrEP from health care providers which can help identify training needs

Counselling Support

Provider Behavior Change

  • The Provider Behavior Ecosystem Map (also available in French) is designed to help implementers understand and consider the diverse factors that influence facility-based provider behavior, and how they interact with one another, as they design or adjust provider behavior change initiatives
  • PSI’s Provider Behavior Change Toolkit is designed to help implementers positively influence provider behavior by offering individualized solutions to both needs and barriers to behavior change
  • The Provider Support of PrEP Use Among Adolescent Girls & Young Women aims to collate the key insights, lessons learned, strategies, and examples from past and current programs and studies that focus on providers of PrEP for AGYW. It aims to uncover both what is known and what opportunities exist to further understand provider behavior to inform multi-method service provision in a rapidly expanding PrEP market.

Facility Readiness

  • This oral PrEP Facility Readiness Assessment can be used to assess the readiness of healthcare facilities to deliver oral PrEP and identify areas that may require additional investment
  • This tool is intended to provide insight into the current state of PrEP services and to identify critical barriers and facilitators to PrEP implementation. Additionally, this tool is designed to inform preparations for new PrEP product introduction (CAB PrEP, PrEP ring, or both) according to national priorities.