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Monitoring and evaluation enables programs to track project targets and provides insights for program improvement. You will need to develop an M&E system for your program. That system must balance the need for a wide range of information about PrEP uptake, continuation, adherence, and infection with the feasibility of collecting and compiling those data. The intensity of data collection may change as programs go to scale.

WHO Implementation Tool for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis of HIV Infection: Module 5

The WHO module on monitoring and evaluation is for people responsible for monitoring PrEP programs at the national and site levels. It provides information on how to monitor PrEP for safety and effectiveness, suggesting core and additional indicators for site-level, national and global reporting.

WHO Consolidated Guidelines on Person-centred HIV Strategic Information: Strengthening routine data for impact

These guidelines focus on the collection and use of person-centred data across the HIV cascade and present a standard minimum dataset, priority indicators, and recommendations to strengthen data use across HIV prevention, testing and treatment, and linkages to services for sexually transmitted infections, viral hepatitis, tuberculosis and cervical cancer.

Proposed New Indicators for PrEP Monitoring and Evaluation

The M&E Working Group of the USAID-funded PROMISE and CHOICE collaborations has proposed new indicators for monitoring and evaluating programs providing all forms of PrEP as they become available. These indicators focus on the essential performance metrics of a PrEP program and streamline data collection. Informed by think tanks on PrEP M&E led by AVAC through the Prevention Market Manager project with support from Jhpiego.

HIV Drug Resistance Monitoring Program

MOSAIC’s HIV Drug Resistance (HIVDR) Monitoring Program monitors HIVDR in PrEP seroconverters in project-based and national roll-out programs in sub-Saharan Africa. The HIVDR Monitoring Toolkit can assist ministries of health, project implementers and policy makers develop HIVDR monitoring strategies and support the collection and testing of blood samples for HIVDR testing.

ICAP Daily Oral PrEP M&E Package

The daily oral PrEP M&E package was developed by ICAP at Columbia University to support the implementation and assessment of PrEP. As the use of PrEP is an evolving area, it is expected that these documents will require updating over time as new information regarding PrEP arises and implementation experiences accumulate.

  • PrEP Screening for Substantial Risk and Eligibility– This tool documents the process for determining eligibility for PrEP among patients interested in starting PrEP, and documents referrals to appropriate services including PrEP.
  • PrEP Facility Record– This tool serves as a PrEP patient medical record to be maintained at the health facility providing PrEP.
  • PrEP Patient Register– This tool provides a summary of key longitudinal information for each patient from the PrEP Facility Record.
  • PrEP Monthly Summary Form– This tool provides a template for routine monthly aggregate reporting on PrEP services for facilities. Aggregate numbers can be calculated from information recorded on the PrEP Patient Register.
  • PrEP Quarterly Cohort Report– This tool includes a worksheet and summary reporting template for calculating and reporting PrEP patient outcomes, such as retention and follow-up HIV testing.

Please visit the ICAP website for translated and editable documents.