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For PrEP to have a sustainable impact on community health, people must understand the benefits of PrEP and believe these outweigh any possible negatives. They must have relevant practical and emotional reasons to use PrEP products consistently and correctly.

Reaching Multiple Key Populations

  • The HIV Prevention Ambassador Training Package and Toolkit is designed for community-based organizations and other groups to train HIV Prevention Ambassadors with the goal of promoting the meaningful engagement of communities and potential and current PrEP users in the rollout of oral PrEP for HIV prevention
  • The PrEP Communications Accelerator is a free, interactive digital resource supporting health practitioners to develop marketing and communications campaigns to create demand for PrEP in African countries, with a focus on reaching adolescent girls and young women (AGYW), gay and bisexual men who have sex with men, serodifferent couples, female sex workers, and people who inject drugs
  • This PrEP Demand Creation Toolkit, created by the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, contains information, tools, and resources to help partners identify and develop PrEP demand creation activities, and includes example materials from Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Kenya, South Africa, and Thailand
  • The Pan Caribbean Partnership Against HIV/AIDS’s PrEP Knowledge Suite consists of social media content, digital brochures, technical guidelines, training and capacity-building materials and more

Reaching Adolescent Girls and Young Women

  • The HIV Prevention User Journey Tool supports adolescent girls and young women to explore methods that would align with their lifestyle, needs and personal preferences, and support healthcare providers to provide informed counseling based on client needs; the tool is being used in the CATALYST study in eastern and southern Africa
  • The Engaging Parents to Create an Enabling Environment for Young People’s PrEP Use toolkit can be used by HIV programs that wish to introduce parents to PrEP as part of an effort to support young people’s PrEP use, with an emphasis on PrEP use among AGYW; it was designed for use in eastern and southern Africa and is available in Afrikaans, French, Oshiwambo, and Silozi
  • Building Community Acceptance for PrEP Use among AGYW in Sub-Saharan Africa is a series of reports which examine the community influencers who impact PrEP use among AGYW, the behavioral determinants that influence their support of AGYW PrEP use, and promising community acceptance interventions that directly address these determinants
  • The Creating Demand for PrEP Among Adolescent Girls & Young Women report from CHOICE collates key insights, lessons learned, strategies, and examples from past and current programs and studies reaching AGYW with PrEP messages and services
  • Breaking the Cycle of HIV Transmission materials were developed using a human-centered design approach to help AGYW progress past the “big flip,” where they move from prioritizing the needs of others in relationships to prioritizing their own sexual health

Reaching LGBTQ+ Communities

  • APCOM’s PrEP Demand Generation Toolkit supports community organizations to generate demand for PrEP among gay and bisexual men who have sex with men, based on APCOM’s experiences in Asia

Branding and Packaging

  • The V Branding Campaign supports increased uptake and adherence of oral PrEP amongst adolescent girls and young women through empowering messaging and demedicalized, discreet packaging
  • MOSAIC’s positioning strategy report includes an explanation of the role of branding and positioning, background learnings, critical inputs toward building positioning, the process for iteration and validation, and an appendix of tools developed during the process and demand generation best practices