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In addition to the resources below, visit the PrEP Communications Accelerator, a free, interactive digital resource supports health practitioners in developing marketing and communications campaigns which create demand for PrEP in African countries. And feel free to contact us!

For PrEP to have a sustainable impact on community health, people must understand the benefits of PrEP and believe these outweigh any possible negatives. They must have relevant practical and emotional reasons to use PrEP products consistently and correctly.

An evidence-based marketing and communications plan lays out the activities you’ll undertake to ensure that PrEP is understood and used to support people’s health. Experience has shown that these plans work when they include many of the following: strategies for influencing social and behavior change in ways that support PrEP uptake and use, plans for creating demand among priority populations, training for providers, counselors, peer educators on how to talk about and provide PrEP and more.

Below you will find resources to support your planning.


  • PrEP Demand Generation Toolkit – A resource guide for community organizations to generate demand for PrEP among key population communities.
  • PrEP Demand Generation Package for Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) – A suite of resources targeted specifically at AGYW, developed and tested using Human Centered Design methods
  • PrEP Communications Accelerator – A free, interactive digital resource supports health practitioners in developing marketing and communications campaigns to create demand for PrEP in African countries. (PEPFAR, USAID, OPTIONS)
  • PrEP Demand Creation Toolkit (CDC) – A toolkit which includes information, tools, and resources to help partners identify and develop demand creation activities to support their PrEP implementation strategies.
  • Engaging Parents to Create an Enabling Environment for Young People’s PrEP Use – Supplementary content for family strengthening programmes that support youth sexual and reproductive health: For use by HIV programs to introduce parents to PrEP as part of an effort to support young people’s PrEP use, with a focus on adolescent girls and young women. The module can introduce oral PrEP alone or with other prevention technologies, such as the PrEP ring. This module is a sister document to the HIV Prevention Ambassador Training Package.
  • PrEP Knowledge Suite (PANCAP) – A suite consisting of social media content, digital brochures, technical guidelines, training and capacity-building materials and more.
  • Provider Behavior Change Toolkit (PSI) – A toolkit designed to help implementers positively influence provider behavior by offering individualized solutions to both needs and barriers to behavior change.
  • Empathways – An empathy-building card activity developed to support health care providers’ counseling interactions with young clients, adapted for PrEP and ART service delivery.
  • Provider Behavior Ecosystem Map – A toolkit is designed to help implementers understand and consider the diverse factors that influence facility-based provider behavior, and how they interact with one another, as they design or adjust provider behavior change initiatives.

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