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PrEPWatch is the one-stop online clearinghouse for resources and information to help the global community effectively deliver every proven method of PrEP to everyone who needs it.

Get updates on the status of access to PrEP products around the world and by country. Find the supporting evidence behind PrEP products available now and in development, learn who is working on delivering PrEP to the people who need it most, and find tools and research for best practices in delivering new PrEP options.

What is PrEP?

PrEP stands for pre-exposure prophylaxis and refers to the use of antiretroviral drugs for prevention of HIV. When taken correctly, PrEP works as a chemical shield, preventing HIV acquisition. There are a limited but growing number of PrEP products approved for use today, including pills, injections and vaginal rings, and more are moving through research and development. Some PrEP products have shown very high efficacy in clinical trials. Others have shown moderate efficacy or some efficacy in preventing HIV, while offering other beneficial features that some users prefer.


Who is developing and rolling out PrEP now, how are they doing it and who is funding it


The development of PrEP products as interventions in HIV prevention represents one of the greatest achievements in the global response to HIV. If combined with community-centered approaches to delivering all HIV prevention options, PrEP products will be instrumental to ending the epidemic. Key to that potential is developing an array of products that can meet the diverse needs of people who need HIV prevention.

The list of now approved products is growing. The list of products in development also needs continued investment so everyone who needs to protect themselves finds a tool that works for them.


In Development
Additional strategies in development, including multipurpose prevention products, could protect against HIV, STIs and pregnancy. More primary prevention tools mean more choice, and history shows that more choice increases the use of all products. Learn more about the status of tomorrow’s strategies here.

PrEP doesn’t protect against other STIs or pregnancy. Oral PrEP, the PrEP ring, and injectable PrEP offer protection against HIV. None of these products reduce the risk of chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis or herpes, or prevent pregnancy. Male and female condoms do all this. Comprehensive access to all forms of PrEP, condoms, voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC), communication and counseling must be integrated to empower people around their sexual and reproductive health.

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