• Research and Demonstration Projects: Canada hosted sites for the phase III IPERGAY study showing that "on-demand" Truvada (taken before and after sex) could be protective against HIV. Those taking Truvada reduced their HIV risk by 86 percent. Additionally, CTN 279, a pilot study of daily Truvada among high-risk Toronto MSM, is ongoing.
  • Drug Registration: Gilead applied for approval of Truvada as PrEP with Health Canada, the country’s health ministry. The application was filed in August 2015. In February 2016, following a satisfactory review of submission, Health Canada approved Truvada as prevention.
  • Policy/Regulatory: There is no national policy or guidance at present. In 2013, the Ministry of Health and Social Services in Quebec issued its own interim guidance on PrEP for those at highest risk for HIV.
  • Advocacy: Canadian civil society is organizing to ensure timely, equitable and affordable access to PrEP across Canada. Advocates are monitoring private and public health plans, both those specific to individual provinces and federal, country-wide plans. To get connected, contact Jack Mohr with CTAC.

Last updated on September 20, 2017.

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