• Research/Demonstration Projects: No research on daily oral PrEP has taken place in Malawi. There is an ongoing trial of an ARV-containing vaginal ring, slated to release data in the next year. As of mid-2015, PrEP was not included in the PEPFAR-supported DREAMS initiative.
  • Drug Registration: Truvada is registered for treatment. It is not registered for prevention.
  • Policy/Regulatory: In Malawi’s National HIV Prevention Strategy 2015–2020, PrEP is a stated part of the comprehensive prevention package for MSM and serodiscordant couples but funding for PrEP has yet to be allocated.
  • Advocacy: Civil society is at the forefront of efforts to ensure a comprehensive response, including high quality ART for people living with HIV and incorporation of PrEP. See, for example, the poster Advocacy for More HIV Prevention Options for Women in Malawi.

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