PrEP Planning A-Z

Oral PrEP is gaining momentum worldwide. More and more countries are approving it for daily use — and global demand is growing!

Introducing PrEP is a complex process, and there's no single mold for an effective program. But this section of PrEPWatch is a great place to start.

This step-by-step framework for scaling up PrEP outlines what's involved for introducing oral PrEP and provides links to tools and resources:

WHO implementation tool for pre-exposure prophylaxis of HIV infection

WHO has issued this 12-part tool for implementers seeking practical advice for introducing PrEP. Taken together, these modules support the implementation of PrEP among a range of populations in different settings.

Help Desk

Need answers? The PrEPWatch Help Desk provides support for all your questions related to PrEP implementation and planning.