Ensuring Program Quality and Progress through Monitoring & Evaluation

Providers who deliver PrEP services need guidelines, training, and tools

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Monitoring and evaluation enables programs to track targets for the project against what is actually happening, and provides insights for program improvement. You will need to develop an appropriate an M&E system for your program. Figuring out what that system is involves balancing the need for a wide range of information about PrEP uptake, continuation, adherence, and infection with the feasibility of collecting and compiling those data. The intensity of data collection may change as programs go to scale.

Information collection systems

Monitoring systems collect data to help track actual performance versus targets for a project. Depending on the size of the program, systems can collect detailed, individual data or broader aggregate data. For example, the data collection capacity at a local, small scale program can be much more targeted and specific than that of a far-reaching, national level program. Information collection systems provide the raw data, (the “what”), that feed into a deeper understanding of programs (the “why”). Programs should design their collection systems based on their realistic capacity to collect and analyze data, and use existing tools and indicators where possible.


Evaluation facilitates understanding of why the data are showing specific findings. If there is a trend of individuals discontinuing PrEP use, evaluations can illuminate the causes behind the discontinuation.

Last updated October 28, 2016.

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