• Research/Demonstration Projects: Uganda has been the site of trials and demonstration projects of daily oral PrEP in serodiscordant couples; PrEP is slated to be included in the PEPFAR-supported DREAMS initiative focused on young women and adolescent girls.
  • Drug Registration: Truvada is registered for treatment. It is not registered for prevention.
  • Policy/Regulatory: PrEP is mentioned in the National Strategic Plan, but there are no specific PrEP policies or guidance documents available to guide implementation.
  • Advocacy: A vibrant coalition of civil society groups has been working to articulate the need for PrEP as part of comprehensive combination prevention. This group has focused on the need for government leadership and on ensuring that PrEP introduction in no way diminishes the focus on access to quality ART programs for people living with HIV. Read a piece that marks the latest efforts of Ugandan civil society to secure PrEP access, Government Should Give Guidance on Drugs that Prevent HIV.

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