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Where do you fit on the map?

Countries are at varying stages of introducing daily oral tenofovir-based PrEP, which is recommended by WHO as a prevention option for people at substantial risk of HIV. Some countries have national programs; others have smaller-scale programs; others aren’t offering PrEP at all.

In this regularly updated map, yellow countries have some form of PrEP programming; blue countries do not. Want to take the next step in expanding access to PrEP? Check out PrEP Planning A-Z.

PrEP Planning A–Z

This step-by-step framework for scaling up PrEP outlines what's involved for introducing oral PrEP and provides links to tools and resources.

Resources You Can Use

  • Global PrEP Tracker

    The Global PrEP Tracker offers two views on PrEP uptake around the world. Visit for a dynamic map-based tool to explore trends in oral PrEP use globally. For insights on the full scope of PrEP use around the world, the PrEP Tracker spreadsheet offers a sortable database on PrEP uptake.

  • Lessons from the Field

    As oral PrEP rolls out globally, implementers are facing and overcoming real-world obstacles. Lessons from the Field brings you these stories. Come here to learn from others, sharpen insights and find useful resources.

  • Oral PrEP Enrollment Snapshot

    An analysis of global PrEP uptake, based on quarterly surveys of ongoing oral PrEP demonstration and implementation projects, and data from manufacturers and government agencies.

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