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Drug Registration Status

Data not
Gilead's Truvada (TDF/xTC*) Registration
Approved 2016 2016
Generic versions of TDF/xTC* for prevention
Approved N/A N/A
ViiV's Apretude (CAB for PrEP) Registration
Approved 2022 † 2022 †
IPM's Dapivirine Vaginal Ring Registration
Approved 2022 2022
Oral F/TAF (Descovy) Registration
Data Not Available
* TDF/xTC refers to tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF) and either emtricitabine (FTC) or lamivudine (3TC)

Additional Product Approvals Information for Lesotho

† This country uses an alternate pathway for regulatory approval for these products. This country relies on approval from the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) and pre-qualification from the World Health Organization (WHO) to authorize an Import License.

Research, Demonstration and Implementation

Oral PrEP

2 Completed Projects

Dapivirine Vaginal Ring

1 Planned/Ongoing Projects

Injectable PrEP

1 Planned/Ongoing Projects

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