A snapshot of PrEP scale-up, registration and resources for Kenya.

  • 157,000-158,000
    Estimated Cumulative Number of People Initiating PrEP

    Aggregates numbers reported from demonstration projects, PEPFAR dashboard and program/country reports where available. This is presented as a range due to difficulty in tracking precise numbers and possible double reporting.

  • 100,012
    PEPFAR PrEP Target in COP 2022

    Targets are set by PEPFAR country teams on an annual basis. Targets do not indicate funding is available for PrEP.

Data Updated: April 11, 2022

Drug Registration Status

  • Gilead's Truvada (TDF/FTC) registration
  • Generic versions of TDF/FTC for prevention
  • Viiv’s Apretude (CAB for PrEP) Registration
    Under review
  • IPM’s Dapivirine Ring Registration
    Under review

Types of Projects

  • Behavioral and social science projects
  • Clinical trial
  • Demonstration projects, which road-test the use of new options in real-world settings—not in a trial site. They have a formal evaluation component that is designed to address specific elements of introduction such as infrastructure needs and ways individuals can integrate it into daily activities.
  • National health systems — PrEP availability in government clinics.
  • Large-scale implementation initiative — funded/implementer involvement and investment in some or all steps related to comprehensive introduction that may or may not use government clinics as the primary service delivery point – e.g., Kenya’s Jilinde program.
  • Private sector
  • Product introduction and support projects

Policy Framework


  • NIMH
  • The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • NIH
  • MAC AIDS Fund
  • Kenya Ministry of Health
  • MTN
  • IPM
  • Nike Foundation

Selected Technical & Strategic Assistance

Eligibility Criteria

PrEP is offered to sexually active HIV-negative individuals who are at significant risk of acquiring HIV infection. Clients must meet ALL of the following criteria before initiating PrEP:

1. At high risk for acquiring HIV, by meeting ANY of the following indications

  • Sexual partner is known HIV positive and: not on ART, or on ART < 6 months, or suspected poor adherence to ART, or most recent viral load is detectable
  • Sexual partner/s are of unknown HIV status and are at high-risk for HIV infection (has multiple sexual partners, has had STIs, engages in transactional sex, injects drugs, from high HIV burden settings)
  • Engaging in transactional sex
  • History of recent sexually transmitted infection
  • Recurrent use of post-exposure prophylaxis
  • History of sex whilst under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs as a habit
  • Inconsistent or no condom use or unable to negotiate condom use during intercourse with persons of unknown HIV status
  • Injection drug use where needles and syringes are shared
  • Sero-discordant couples trying to conceive

2. AND meet ALL of the following criteria

  • Confirmed HIV negative (rapid antibody testing following the HTS algorithm on the day of PrEP initiation is adequate confirmation of HIV-negative status)
  • Does not have a current or recent (within past one month) illness consistent with acute HIV infection (fever, sore throat, muscle or joint pains, swollen glands, diarrhoea or headache) in combination with a preceding high-risk exposure for HIV
  • Assessed as ready to adhere to PrEP and willing to attend follow-up evaluations including repeat HIV testing and monitoring for side effects
  • No contraindication to use of TDF +/- FTC/3TC

Resources for Kenya