A snapshot of PrEP scale-up, registration and resources for Zimbabwe.

  • 72,000-73,000
    Estimated Cumulative Number of People Initiating PrEP

    Aggregates numbers reported from demonstration projects, PEPFAR dashboard and program/country reports where available. This is presented as a range due to difficulty in tracking precise numbers and possible double reporting.

  • 38,772
    PEPFAR PrEP Target in COP 2022

    Targets are set by PEPFAR country teams on an annual basis. Targets do not indicate funding is available for PrEP.

Data Updated: April 11, 2022

Drug Registration Status

  • Gilead's Truvada (TDF/FTC) registration
  • Generic versions of TDF/FTC for prevention
  • Viiv’s Apretude (CAB for PrEP) Registration
    Under review
  • IPM’s Dapivirine Ring Registration

Types of Delivery Projects

  • Behavioral and social science projects
  • Clinical trials
  • Implementation projects — funded/implementer involvement and investment in some or all steps related to comprehensive introduction that may or may not use government
  • Large-scale implementation initiative — funded/implementer involvement and investment in some or all steps related to comprehensive introduction that may or may not use government clinics as the primary service delivery point – e.g., Kenya’s Jilinde program.
  • Open-label extension
  • Product introduction and support project

Policy Framework


  • NIMH
  • The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • NIH
  • DFID
  • IMPAACT Network
  • MTN
  • IPM
  • Nike Foundation

Selected Technical & Strategic Assistance

Eligibility Criteria

Oral PrEP will be made available to all individuals who are HIV uninfected and are at substantial risk of HIV infection after individual risk assessment. The following are indications for PrEP by history over the past 6 months:

  • HIV negative and sexual partner with HIV who has not been on effective therapy for the preceding 6 months OR
  • HIV negative and sexually active in a high HIV prevalence population AND any of the following:
  • Vaginal or anal intercourse without condoms with more than one partner, OR
  • A sexual partner with one or more HIV risk factors, OR
  • A history of an STI by lab testing or self-report or syndromic STI treatment, OR
  • Any use of post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), OR
  • Requesting PrEP

However, individuals belonging to certain population groups may be at higher risk of HIV infection than others and should be offered PrEP. These may include:

  • Female and male sex workers;
  • Sero-discordant couples (the HIV sero-negative partner)
  • Adolescent girls and young women;
  • Pregnant women in relationships with men of unknown status
  • High-risk men (MSMs, prisoners, long distance truck drivers) and
  • Transgender people.

Individual risk assessment will be made based on various behavioral factors and other factors to assess vulnerability.

From the Guidelines for Antiretroviral Therapy for the Prevention and Treatment of HIV in Zimbabwe.

Resources for Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Community Dialogue Materials