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People who would benefit from PrEP are also those disproportionally affected by other STIs. During this webinar, WHO will release globally its new module of the PrEP implementation tool on STI service integration. This new publication aims at supporting programme and services managers, health workers and donors by providing options to integrate STI services for those who would benefit from or use HIV PrEP in different settings and models of PrEP provision.

During this webinar participants will see examples of STI service integration in different settings: Brazil, Namibia, South Africa and Viet Nam. They will include innovative demand creation strategies, integrated clinical management and programme monitoring, low-cost interventions to help detecting new STIs, and a stepwise approach to service integration. Values and preferences of users and some ways forward will also be discussed. For the full agenda, please see the registration link.

This webinar is presented by the Global PrEP Network, a WHO-led forum designed to facilitate global dialogue and collaboration between national, international and regional stakeholders, who share a common commitment to the effective implementation of PrEP as part of HIV prevention.