OPTIONS Plan 4 PrEP Toolkit

The Plan 4 PrEP toolkit supports national planning for the rollout of oral PrEP.

Implementers may use all the steps to guide the entire planning process or use specific sections. Policy makers, technical working groups, implementing partners or advocates at the national or sub-national level will find tools informed by experiences in PrEP rollout from South Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe. Created by the OPTIONS Consortium, led by FSG.

Click here for a short overview of the toolkit. A workbook including data collection worksheets for all the sections below is also available.

Un classeur comprenant des feuilles de travail de collecte de données pour toutes les sections ci-dessous est aussi disponible.

1. Situation Analysis: Understand your starting point as you prepare to offer oral PrEP

Identify existing assets, current gaps, challenges, stakeholders and key questions for oral PrEP rollout along the value chain. The Situation Analysis establishes a foundation for a comprehensive planning process.

Download the Situation Analysis Overview.

Télécharger Analyse de la situation.
2. Project Landscape: Assess findings and gaps in PrEP studies and implementation projects

Survey current and planned studies and implementation projects. These offer insights for the successful delivery of PrEP to the populations who need it, but often the findings have not been coordinated. Use the Project Landscape for a high-level overview of what existing efforts are addressing or missing.

Download Oral PrEP Project Landscape.

Télécharger Paysage du projet de la PrEP oral.

3. Rollout Scenarios: Decide where and how to roll out oral PrEP

Define scenarios for oral PrEP rollout in different counties/districts or to different populations. This simple analysis, based on existing data, can provide quick cost and impact comparisons to guide decision-making.

Download Rollout Scenarios.

Télécharger Scénarios de déploiement.
4. District Readiness Assessment: Assess readiness for oral PrEP rollout

Assess readiness at the sub-national level to introduce and scale-up oral PrEP, and to inform planning for necessary investment.

Download the Readiness Assessment.

Télécharger Évaluation de la préparation.
5. Facility Readiness Assessment

In this step, assess the readiness of healthcare facilities to deliver oral PrEP and identify areas that may require additional investment.

Download the Facility Readiness Assessment.

Télécharger Évaluation de l’ état de préparation des installations.
6. Private Health Sector Landscape
In this step, assess and compare opportunities to deliver oral PrEP through private sector healthcare channels. Download the Private Health Sector Landscape analysis.

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