Governments, donors and other stakeholders in countries at the forefront of oral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) delivery have encountered several programmatic challenges such as difficulty in setting targets, tracking the continuum of PrEP delivery, and estimating program costs and impact.

In response, through the US Agency for International Development (USAID)’s Optimizing Prevention Technology Introduction on Schedule (OPTIONS) Consortium, Health Policy Plus (HP+) project and Efficiency and Accountability Technical Assistance to Partners II (EATAP-II) project, the US President’s Plan for Emergency AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) has developed a Microsoft Excel-based tool called PrEP-it for oral PrEP implementation planning, monitoring and evaluation. PrEP-it assists with planning and monitoring via six primary functions:

  • Assesses sites’ service delivery capacity and identifies site-level bottlenecks for oral PrEP delivery
  • Monitors program by tracking monthly PrEP initiation and continuation rates
  • Helps with national or subnational target-setting, allowing users to generate and analyze numerical targets based on population-based coverage or service delivery capacity
  • Forecasts drug supply needs based on targets or program implementation
  • Estimates program costs based on targets or program implementation
  • Examines a program’s projected impact (number of HIV infections averted) based on targets or past delivery


Video Tutorial

Several short video tutorials are available to help better understand and utilize the PrEP-it tool. Click here to view the videos.

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White Paper

This paper describes the development of PrEP-it, lessons learned during development, and the application of PrEP-it for target-setting in Eswatini and Zimbabwe and drug supply management in Ghana and Vietnam.

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