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Novel multi-purpose prevention technologies (MPTs) will require governments, funders, implementing partners, healthcare providers and potential users to reimagine how HIV and family planning (FP) products and programs are designed, delivered and monitored. The Dual Prevention Pill (DPP), a daily pill containing oral PrEP and combined oral contraception, is furthest along in development and could be introduced in 2024.

This session will convene an interactive program to discuss how to practically align HIV and FP programs and services to deliver the DPP. Speakers will present new insights from human-centered design (HCD) research on potential DPP users as a foundation for demand generation plans; discuss the process for developing provider counseling messages for the DPP as a model for other MPTs; and share the design of cost-effectiveness modelling approaches to bridge FP and HIV prevention. How lessons from HIV and FP can shape DPP introduction and accelerate the rollout of future MPTs will also be discussed.