RISE CAB training package
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Despite COVID-19, PrEP uptake increased significantly in 2021, with almost 2 million people initiated on PrEP by the end of 2021, accelerated in part by the continued push to differentiate, simplify, demedicalize, and integrate PrEP services as part of person-centered care. However, unmet PrEP need persists, calling for an approach that maintains the momentum in making PrEP more convenient, comfortable, and responsive to user needs and preferences. This includes continued diversification of PrEP service models – leveraging community-led, mobile, tele-health, pharmacy, primary health care platforms – and adaptation of these models for emerging PrEP products (long-acting cabotegravir; dapivirine ring).

This session will highlight exciting advancements in integrated, person-centered PrEP delivery and share perspectives from PrEP users, implementers, advocates, and researchers on how speeding access to newer PrEP products in lower-middle-income countries will propel achievement of 2025 goals.