How to Scale Up PrEP

Oral PrEP is gaining momentum worldwide. More and more countries are approving it for daily use — and global demand is growing!

Introducing PrEP is a complex process, and there's no single mold for an effective program. But this section of PrEPWatch is a great place to start. Here you will find a step by step framework for scaling up PrEP, lessons from the field, updates from different countries and other resources for PrEP introduction.

A Framework for Scaling up PrEP

This section outlines the steps involved for introducing oral PrEP and provides links to specific tools and resources for the following steps:

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Implementation Initiatives and Partners

On this page you will find information and resources about oral PrEP programs being implemented now and the organizations funding them. These resources comprise a storehouse of tools developed by existing PrEP programs made available here for the planning and implementation of future programs.

Lessons from the Field

As oral PrEP rolls out in Eastern and Southern Africa, implementers are facing and overcoming real world obstacles. Lessons from the Field brings you these stories. Come here to learn from others, sharpen insights and find useful resources. Together, we will make HIV prevention and the implementation of PrEP smart, efficient and effective.

Visit these pages regularly as we will be adding resources on an ongoing basis.

Help Desk

Need answers? The PrEPWatch Help Desk provides support for all your questions related to PrEP implementation and planning.

Last updated March 21, 2017.