RISE CAB training package
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Check out the latest issue of PxWire here! And see key highlights below:

  • This year, four countries started providing PrEP for the first time, and seven countries
    exceeded 70,000 new PrEP initiations, most of which are attributable to PEPFAR.
  • As of Q3 2023, the top five West and Central African countries for PrEP initiation have surpassed 10,000 initiations.
  • For the first time since oral PrEP was introduced in 2012, PrEP users will have a range of methods to choose from—but only if they have access to them.
  • ViiV, the sole manufacturer of CAB for PrEP, announced a 40 percent increase in doses that could be available for non-commercial use through 2025, an increase to 1.2 million doses.
  • HIV R&D is focused on ARV and non-ARV based prevention products and HIV vaccines that build on new knowledge about the virus.