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Standard Operating Procedure

Evidence has shown that gender-based violence – in particular intimate partner violence (IPV) – may act as a barrier to accessing HIV services, including PrEP services. IPV is associated with lower PrEP uptake and adherence and increased PrEP interruption.

Developed under the USAID-funded CHARISMA project and the CHOICE collaboration of the EpiC and RISE projects, this standard operating procedure (SOP) (available in French) can be used by pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) program staff to address partner relationships and intimate partner violence in PrEP services. This resource includes guidance for adapting the SOP to the local context and clinic processes.

The SOP outlines procedures for identifying clients who are experiencing intimate partner violence (IPV) and providing first-line support and referrals for clients who disclose experiences of violence. The resource also provides counseling messages to help clients decide whether to talk to their partner(s) about their PrEP use and strategies for using PrEP with or without their partner’s knowledge.

Job Aid

The PrEP Job Aid (available in French) for Addressing Partner Relationships supports implementation of the SOP. This 2-page flowchart provides step-by-step instructions for discussing partner relationships with PrEP clients and instructions for adapting the job aid to the local context and clinic processes.

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