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The US Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Office of HIV/AIDS is supporting five interconnected projects on ARV-based HIV prevention product introduction and access, the Microbicide Product Introduction Initiative (MPii) agreements, that run from 2015-2020. For further information on each project please click here.

Tools and resources from the OPTIONS Consortium (unless otherwise indicated) appear below. These materials range from literature reviews and analyses on ARV-based products, to country-specific situational analyses and oral PrEP rollout scenarios, to research presented at major conferences. Click on each header below for detailed explanations and links to the tools and resources.


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Advancing PrEP: Comprehensive and Combined Evaluation of Services for Sex Workers and MSM (ACCESS) — Study Findings

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OPTIONS HIV Prevention Ambassador Training Package

Training Curriculum and Peer Education Tools

PrEP Communications Accelerator: a digital demand creation tool for sub-Saharan Africa

Online Tool and Supporting Materials

Test-And-Prevent Analysis

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PrEP Costing Guidelines

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Provider Training Package: Effective Delivery of Oral PrEP for Adolescent Girls and Young Women

Reaching High Risk Women for PrEP: Learning from ARV-based HIV prevention trials

Study Findings

Country Level Analysis: Situation Analyses, Landscape Analyses, Private Sector Analyses, PrEP Rollout Analyses, and Analyses Templates

Community Dialogues: Potential users' perspectives on oral PrEP in Zimbabwe
OPTIONS Plan 4 PrEP Toolkit — Helping Countries Plan for Oral PrEP Rollout
Oral PrEP Private Sector Landscape Analyses — Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe
Oral PrEP Rollout Analyses — Kenya and Zimbabwe
Oral PrEP Landscape Analysis for Adolescent Girls and Young Women - Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe
Oral PrEP Situation Analyses Interim Findings — Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe

Communications and Implementation Materials from Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe

Introducing Oral PrEP in Zimbabwe: findings from community dialogues with potential users
Oral PrEP Implementation Pack from South Africa (Policy, Site Selection, Communications, M&E, Etc.)
South Africa PrEP Information, Education, Communication (IEC) Materials for MSM, Sex Workers, and University Women
Oral PrEP in Kenya: Abstract Book, Framework for Implementation, Communications Landscape Analysis

Literature Reviews and Summaries for Oral PrEP

Adherence Metrics in the Oral PrEP Clinical Trials: Literature Review & Trends and Takeaways
Oral PrEP and Microbicides Literature Review and Gap Analysis: Impact, Cost, Cost-Effectiveness, Drug Resistance

Dapivirine Ring Resources

Common Agenda for the Dapivirine Vaginal Ring
The Dapivirine Ring Introduction Matrix
Dapivirine Ring Early Introduction Considerations — Seven Country Analysis
Dapivirine Ring Literature Reviews: Modeling and Social/Behavioral Factors Influencing Ring Use
Dapivirine Ring: The Case for Action

Oral PrEP Provider Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Resources

OPTIONS Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) Survey of PrEP Providers
OPTIONS General KAP Quantitative Survey Template

Materials from GEMS (an MPii Project)

Policy Briefs
Tools for Drug Resistance Monitoring in PrEP Programs from GEMS

POWER Formative Work Report & Other Resources

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Addressing Gender to Ensure Effective PrEP Introduction

Technical Briefs

Posters and Presentations from MPii Projects

IAS 2019
Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) 2018

MPii Microbicide Stakeholder Updates

MPii FHI360 Blog

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