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Training Curriculum

Developed by the OPTIONS Consortium and the CHOICE activity of the EpiC and RISE projects, the HIV Prevention Ambassador Training Package and Toolkit (also available in French: Toolkit and Training Package) is designed for community-based organizations and other groups to train HIV Prevention Ambassadors with the goal of promoting the meaningful engagement of communities and potential and current PrEP users in the rollout of oral PrEP for HIV prevention.

This training package includes specific examples about PrEP for adolescent girls and young women, men who have sex with men, people who inject drugs, pregnant and breastfeeding people, serodiscordant couples, sex workers and transgender people. However, this training package can be used with any PrEP priority population. Through interactive activities, discussion, and action planning, the training prepares Ambassadors to share information with their peers about oral PrEP as part of combination HIV prevention. Ambassadors also gain skills to support peers who are interested in using PrEP and to build community support for oral PrEP. For any Ambassadors who have not been previously trained on sexual and reproductive health and rights, the training also includes foundational sessions on sexual and reproductive health, human rights, gender, violence and HIV transmission.

This training can be implemented partially or in full by community-based organisations, non-governmental organisations, ministries of health, and PrEP implementers. Trained HIV Prevention Ambassadors can also implement the training—or selected portions of it—with their peers.

If you are training only adolescent girls and young women (AGYW), we recommend that you use the HIV Prevention Ambassador Training and Toolkit for AGYW, which is the training package from which this one was adapted. If you are training any other population, or a mixed group that includes adolescent girls and young women, we recommend that you use this version of the training package.

Virtual Trainer’s Workshop

These materials can be used to conduct a virtual training of trainers workshop for HIV Prevention Ambassador Trainers and include a sample facilitation plan, slide deck, and mentors’ activity guide. The materials were designed for a five-day training and are entirely editable. They should be referenced and customized when creating a program to respond to the unique needs of your training group.

Peer Education Tools

The HIV Prevention Ambassador Toolkit includes colorful, one-page handouts and worksheets in a booklet format that trained HIV Prevention Ambassadors can use to conduct peer support, community discussions, and other activities. The toolkit is designed to accompany the Ambassador Training Package and can be translated into local languages.

For printed copies of the HIV Prevention Ambassador Training Package and Toolkit, local language translations of the Ambassador Toolkit, or editable graduation certificates and/or local referral directory templates, please contact

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