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Tools and resources from PROMISE and CHOICE (unless otherwise indicated) appear below. These materials range from literature review and analyses on ARV-based products, to country-specific situational analyses and oral PrEP rollout scenarios, to research presented at major conferences. See below for detailed explanations and links to the tools and resources.

Keep checking back as these projects are now in full swing and many resources to support oral PrEP introduction and planning for the dapivirine ring are currently in development!

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Dapivirine Ring Resources

Dapivirine Ring Introduction Framework — The ring introduction framework highlights anticipated strengths, challenges and key questions regarding introduction of the dapivirine ring in sub-Saharan Africa. The framework is based on several inputs including secondary research, interviews with key stakeholders.

Oral PrEP and Dapivirine Ring Simultaneous Use Analysis — This slide deck summarizes opinions of experts and advocates on safety and messaging related to the simultaneous use of oral PrEP and the dapivirine ring.

PrEP Ring Video Vignettes — The PROMISE Collaboration talked to former ring trial participants, potential end-users, healthcare providers, and partners to get their thoughts on the Dapivirine ring for HIV Prevention and to make sure their voices are heard as countries consider if and how to incorporate the PrEP ring into existing HIV prevention programs.

Dapivirine Ring Advocacy Messaging Resource Package — This is a tool for developing a messaging framework and implementation plan in support of advocacy activities for the dapivirine vaginal ring.

PrEP Ring Demand Creation Design Guide

PrEP Demand Creation for Adolescent Girls and Young Women

Creating Demand for PrEP Among Adolescent Girls & Young Women
This report reviews programs and studies focused on demand creation for oral PrEP among adolescent girls and young women (AGYW), especially those that applied human-centered design approaches. It collates key insights, lessons learned, strategies, and examples from past and current programs and studies and can be used to inform the design of AGYW-focused demand creation efforts. Click here to download the report.

AGYW PrEP Demand Generation Package
These materials are designed to help Ministries of Health, program managers, trainers, and advocates to create demand for PrEP among AGYW by using an adapted human-centered design, or “HCD-lite” approach for materials development. Click here for more.

Project Hope Namibia PrEP Communication Toolkit
The CHOICE Collaboration completed a design sprint with Project Hope Namibia to develop new PrEP materials and tools for their DREAMS project. Click here to view and download the final tools that emerged from that process.

Standard Operating Procedure and Job Aid for Addressing Partner Relationships and Intimate Partner Violence in Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Services

This standard operating procedure (SOP) can be used by PrEP program staff to address partner relationships and intimate partner violence in PrEP services. The PrEP Job Aid for Addressing Partner Relationships supports implementation of the SOP. Click here to view the resources.

Provider Job Aids

These PrEP initiation and follow-up algorithms have been developed to support providers’ decisions around suitability for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) vs. post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) based upon their evaluation of clients’ HIV exposure, acute HIV infection signs and symptoms, and PrEP adherence (during follow-up appointments). Download the PrEP initiation algorithm in English or French, as well as the follow-up algorithm in English or French.

PrEP for Pregnant and Breastfeeding People

Clinical Guidelines and Training Package
The PrEP for Pregnant and Breastfeeding People Toolkit is designed for use by policy makers, program implementers, and healthcare workers to expand provision of PrEP to PBFP. The evidence-informed materials are designed to be adapted to reflect local context and priorities, national policy and guidelines, and implementation context surrounding provision of PrEP to PBFP. Click for more.

Demand Generation Package: PrEP for PBFP
The PrEP for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Populations Demand Generation Resource Package is designed for use by program implementers and healthcare workers to expand knowledge about provision of PrEP to PBFP. Click here to learn more.

Ambassador Training Package and Toolkit (English and French)

Developed by the OPTIONS Consortium and the CHOICE activity of the EpiC and RISE projects, the HIV Prevention Ambassador Training Package and Toolkit is designed for community-based organizations and other groups to train HIV Prevention Ambassadors with the goal of promoting the meaningful engagement of communities and potential and current PrEP users in the rollout of oral PrEP for HIV prevention. Click for more.

Digital Health Landscaping Report

To support planning for the introduction of the monthly dapivirine ring in sub-Saharan Africa, the PROMISE Collaboration conducted a landscape analysis to provide an overview of existing virtual channels that can be used to increase awareness and access to the ring. This analysis identified countries where virtual channels are best placed for demand creation and distribution of the vaginal ring and related products for the specified audience(s). Click here for an overview of the process and reasoning behind the development of this report.

Engaging Parents to Create an Enabling Environment for Young People’s PrEP Use: Supplementary content for family strengthening programmes that support youth sexual and reproductive health

This tool was designed for use by HIV programs that wish to introduce parents to PrEP as part of an effort to support young people’s PrEP use, with an emphasis on PrEP use among adolescent girls and young women. The module can introduce oral PrEP alone or with other prevention technologies, such as the PrEP ring. This module is a sister document to the HIV Prevention Ambassador Training Package and in some cases adapts content from that package, which is designed for youth, to make it relevant to the parents of young people.

Health Care Provider Training for New HIV Prevention Products

This presentation was developed to inform the development of training curricula for new biomedical HIV prevention products. It provides summary insights from an analysis of provider training systems in Kenya, South Africa, and Zimbabwe developed for introduction of the dapivirine vaginal ring in 2020-2021.

PrEP-it 2.1

The US President’s Plan for Emergency AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) has developed a tool called PrEP-it for PrEP implementation planning, monitoring and evaluation. Key features of PrEP-it include setting national and subnational targets, estimating costs and impact associated with targets, monitoring PrEP initiation, and forecasting drug supply needs.

Value Chain Situation Analyses

These value chain situation analyses were conducted to assess how the PrEP ring might be introduced as an additional option for HIV prevention.

Stakeholder Conversations